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12 men reveal the ONE thing they wish women would do during sex


SIMPLE: Men revealed the simple things they want women to do during sex

Ask any sex expert and they will tell you that communication is the key to good sex.

But if you and your partner have recently started dating or you’re shy about telling them what you want, being open about your sexual needs can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Luckily, a recent Reddit thread asked users of the community: “What is the one thing you wish girls did in bed that they never do?” With over 16,000 comments, the men of Reddit certainly had a few things on their wish lists:

1. Simple, but effective

“Take my clothes off.”

2. Flex those kegel muscles

“I had a one night stand with a girl in LA who did this thing where she could… make herself tighter, and sort of “grab” my dick while I was inside her. It was amazing. Never met anyone before or since who did that.”

3. If you’re enjoying something, tell them

“My biggest turn on is when a girl tells me what she likes about what I’m doing and participates, ‘it feels so good when you do x’ or running your hands through my hair/wrapping your legs around my head while I’m doing my thing downstairs.”

4. It’s called afternoon delight for a reason

“Don’t wait until the vast dead of night to decide you want sex. Especially on a weeknight where I’m getting up at 5am to head to work. If you wait until I’m dead freaking tired, yeah I’m going to be tired and possibly uninterested.”

5. A little affection goes a long way

“The very first girl I slept with would always kiss my forehead after I finished. It was so sweet and caring and made me feel good.”

6. Feedback never fails

“Let me know if what I’m doing is working. Not everything is going to work. I’d much rather you tell me something isn’t good, switch to what is good and watch you love it. You turned on turns me on.”

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate

“You can be the greatest person in bed on this planet and never make a girl satisfied if she doesn’t let you know what she likes and dislikes, every girl is different so what gets them off can be a full 180 from the last girl or even a 180 from the last time you had sex together so tell people whats good and don’t just live with unsatisfying sex.”

8. He’s feeling self-conscious too

“Give compliments if I did good. You have no idea how much it helps on the self-esteem.”

9. Go exploring

“It’s okay to touch me and explore my body, too. It’s not that women never do it, but it is rare. Sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated for our bodies.”

10. Help him to rise and shine on occasion

“Wake up to a bj.”

11. Get your dirty talk on

“Talk dirty. I get it requires a bit of confidence but it’s insanely hot.”

12. Take charge

“Initiate sex.”