18 Couples on the Song that Defines Their Relationship

Angel and Mikáel

Our Story: “September 2006. Both Mikáel and I entered our freshman year at Clark Atlanta University as Presidential scholars, and members of the Honors’ Program. We had a class together, but only knew each other from afar. I deemed him a cocky boy from California, and he deemed me someone worthy of pursuit — naturally (lol). Each fall, HP—as we called it—held an annual cabin retreat where incoming students could connect with upperclassmen in the program, and bond over a weekend of activities and workshops. One of those was an unsupervised kickback, where I ended up drinking alcohol for the first time, getting tipsy, and finding relief in Mikáel who took me outside for air, and to sway under the stars (aw). The next day, it was time to return to campus, and I figured I’d sit by Mikáel on our charter bus ride back. I boarded the bus to find him sitting next to another girl. Fool me once. Once back at school, there was a Gospel Explosion (it was a Sunday, and we went to a historically black university). I went with a few of my dormmates, and that cocky boy was there too, with yet another girl. Boy, bye. Let’s talk about audacity: he left the second girl to come sit with me and my friends. Tried it. My guard was up, but it didn’t take him long to bring it down. After, we sat on our campus’s infamous promenade, and talked for hours—HOURS. And he made me laugh. Deep-belly laugh. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”—Angel

Our Song: “This What I Call Her” by Lil’ Wayne. “Mikáel, a huge Wayne fan, played it for me and said it reminded him of me. And that was that. The first line of the song, and a few bars down, has an ‘Angel’ drop, of course.”

Favorite Line:Miss, butter pecan, caramel, southern belle / She hotter than a summer day in hell…She an angel her name should be An-gel.”

Source: www.elle.com