Becoming vegan could boost women’s libido and men’s erections

Eating plant-based foods could boost women’s libidos and men’s erections, a health and wellbeing expert has told.

Founder of Adira wellbeing Emily Wysock-Wright recently told Daily Star Online that a plant-based diet may benefit people between the sheets while also providing a healthy lifestyle.

Emily exclusively told us: “It’s mainly the blood flow, there’s a number of different things [that it benefits] but if you think about animal-based foods and what they do with your cholesterol and arteries by narrowing past the plaque.

“You need good blood flow, mainly from arousal from that point that you’re thinking ‘I want to have sex’ all the twinges and any kind of sensation you’re feeling within yourself you better get your blood flow going.”

Eating plant-based foods could boost women’s libidos and men’s erections, a health and wellbeing expert has told

The founder said blood flow is an important part of improving your sex life.

She added: “The better your blood flow, the more improved your sex life is going to be because that needs to be flowing for men to get better erections or even for women to get the stimulation they need.”

The expert also added how a plant-based diet also benefits how you feel in yourself.

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“And then you can add on energy and how you’re feeling in yourself and the bloating are all the other benefits too,” she added.

“It totally varies on the person, it would be wrong of me to say ‘this is how to do it, this is what you should do’ if you don’t understand what the person wants to do and why they want you to do it.”

Emily continued: “If sex drive or the libido is the issue then other things around that which are going to help their self-esteem and everything that goes with it.”

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It comes after plant-based foods “boosted men’s erections by 500%”.

New Netflix documentary The Game Changers looked at the impact of athletes adopting a meat-free diet and it had a rather surprising effect on three American footballers.

The study found an almost 500% rise in the frequency and length of time a man’s erection lasted after eating a vegetarian meal before bed, compared to when he ate a meat-based meal.