Blake Lively’s Youngest Daughter Ines Is a Foodie

Blake Lively, the woman who won her husband Ryan Reynolds’ (and Leonardo DiCaprio’s) heart with her cooking, is already preparing to pass on that gift to her youngest, genetically-blessed daughter Ines. Ines apparently “came out of the womb a little foodie,” Lively told Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa on their show last week.

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“I’m like the parent of an Olympian except I want a chef baby,” she added. “So I’m like Ratatouille with the baby all the time.” (And so is Salma Hayek, as Hayek teased on her Instagram previously.)

Ines is an easier baby than the two’s first-born, James. “I think you’re more relaxed as a parent and also the first one is very dominating anyway,” Lively said. “So the second baby just has to be easier. They’re so easy going. And she’ll eat whatever. What’s crazy is my 2-and-a-half-year-old, she wakes up at night and she’s the baby, basically. And my little one, oh, she’s just so divine. She just like came out of the womb a little foodie. We’re always like, ‘What’s your signature special,’ because she’s always reaching for anything.”

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Ines has an interesting taste palette, Lively told Jimmy Fallon in an interview earlier, by the way. She’s like a little White Walker, Lively put it, who prefers steaks to birthday cake: