Body language expert shares cheating signs – and how to tell if he’ll stray

Are you worried your other half is being unfaithful?

No one wants to be cheated on, but sadly it happens a lot.

So if you’re trying to spot any cheating signs, a body language expert has revealed four clues you need to look out for.

Judi James is a leading TV expert in social behaviour, relationships, body language, workplace culture, stress and time management.

A body language expert has revealed the four cheating signs to look out for

The expert has also appeared on a number of programmes, from Big Brother to Newsnight.

Now if you’re wondering what she has to say about cheating, Judi has revealed four signs to signify when your partner’s playing away.

No one wants to be cheated on but sadly it happens
No one wants to be cheated on but sadly it happens

She told The Sun : “If you think he’s cheating, then he probably is.

“He might even smell different as his body releases a new variety of pheromones.

“If you’re naturally paranoid that subliminal sense might be faulty.

“But if you’re normally quite trusting and upbeat then go with your eyes and your nose every time.”

There are a number of signs to look out for in an unfaithful partner
There are a number of signs to look out for in an unfaithful partner

Here are four cheating signs to look out for:

Is he getting angry?

Don’t always expect guilt signals from a cheater.

The ego finds it much easier to turn guilt into blame and anger, trying to make it your fault that he’s cheating.

Look out for bursts of irritation or argumentativeness as they are common behaviours of cheating.

Arm-folding barrier rituals and hands on the hips could also signal a sulky form of challenge and defiance.

Always on his phone

The phone is a key tool of the cheat which will make him supersensitive, watchful and jumpy when you go anywhere near it.

If he’s checking it regularly or constantly texting someone it could indicate signs of an affair.

And if he’s leaving the room to take calls, that’s also a clue that he could be cheating.

But Judi claims it will be the discovery of that secret second phone that probably nails it.

Change of bedroom antics

Anything that’s changed in the bedroom is always a huge red flag.

He might still be having sex with you, but other things could change under the sheets.

Judi says a man will often feel that any kissing and foreplay will be like cheating on his other lover.

So it’s likely that speedy sex is more on the menu.

Look at his eyes

This will take you back to the start of your relationship where there’s a lot of eye gazing action.

But have you noticed all that has changed slightly?

Deep, prolonged eye contact helps a person to delve into their partner’s emotional depths.

So there might be a reason why a cheat avoids eye contact as he’s scared you’ll read his mind.