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Bride sheds 10st naturally in just one year – this is how she did it


JUNK FOOD FAN: Claire Davies used to binge on family bars of chocolate and crisps

Claire Davies had always struggled with her weight and as a kid she became the butt of cruel taunts from classroom bullies about her size.

The 33-year-old was dubbed “fatty” and turned to food for comfort, reaching 16st by the age of 17.

Claire said: “I loved junk food so it was no surprise that my weight suffered.

“I also loved fizzy drinks and glugged three cans of full-fat Coke each day.”

At 21, the Welsh woman continued to pile on the pounds after her uni boyfriend dumped her for another woman.

She said: “I began suffering with depression and hated my body.

“I lived off salt-laden ready meals like Fray Bentos pies or I’d order a large pizza with chips and chicken wings.”

The assistant manager was still overweight when she met now-husband Craig, 28, back in 2011.

Claire beforeHOTSPOT MEDIA

BIGGER BEFORE: Back in 2015 Claire weighed 21st and was a size 26

Claire said: “Craig made me feel special and he never minded my weight.

“But I continued to balloon. I never exercised and fruit and vegetables were never on the menu.”

“I was morbidly obese. I refused to be a fat bride”

Claire Davies

By the time he popped the question in September 2015, Claire weighed 22st and was a size 28.

She said: “I struggled to walk without losing my breath.

“That month, Craig proposed while we were on holiday in Greece.

“I was so shocked but couldn’t wait to marry the man of my dreams.”


WEDDING DAY: The first dress Claire tried on was a size 28

But when the happy couple shared their news, one relative had a stark warning for the bride-to-be.

Claire said: “Craig’s nan, Rose, 71, told me my ring was too dainty for me and that I needed to lose weight before the wedding.

“It hurt at the time but it was the honesty I needed to jolt me into action.

“My engagement ring was a whopping size U.”

In a bid to beat the bulge once and for all, Claire joined Slimming World last January and was mortified to discover she weighed 22st.

She said: “At 5ft 4ins, I was morbidly obese. I refused to be a fat bride.”

Three weeks later, Claire tried on her first wedding dress, which was a size 28, but she couldn’t fasten it up.

So Claire swapped calorific sandwiches slathered with butter for leafy salads and joined her local gym.

She began working out for 1.5 hours twice a week and had lost an astonishing 10st by March 2017.


BLUSHING BRIDE: Claire walked down the aisle in a size 12 gown

That month, Claire walked down the aisle in a slinky size 12 wedding dress.

She added: “It was the best day of my life – not only did I marry my best friend but I got to show off my incredible weight loss.

“And if it wasn’t for Rose’s honesty that day, I wouldn’t have looked so spectacular on my wedding day.

“Now I’ve lost 10st 6lbs in total and I feel great.

“I’ve still got 1st of loose skin on my belly which I’m self-conscious about and has affected my intimacy with Craig, but I’ve been referred for surgery.

“I’m just glad I got to be a stunning bride on my wedding day.”