Bride’s wedding dress mocked for looking like ‘Lydia’s from Beetlejuice’

A bride has been flamed online as members of a wedding shaming group say her dress is like “Lydia’s from Beetlejuice.”

The bright-red, tulle dress was most notable for it’s fire-engine red colour, closely followed by the plunging neckline and large tulle bow.

The princess-style dress showed off the brides figure, including her tattoos and cleavage.

However, members of the Facebook group ” That’s it, I’m Wedding Shaming (non ban-happy edition)” were left less than impressed.

One woman shared the snaps with the caption: “Yep, that’s the wedding dress.

“Her “dream dress” [shocked emoji]”

Some compared the bright dress to that of the character Lydia in the 1988 film Beetlejuice.

The lurid red shade and tulle were reminiscent of the Tim Burton style.

One woman simply wrote: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

Another said: “It’s Lydia’s wedding dress from Beetlejuice.”

Lydia, played by Winona Ryder, in Beetlejuice (1988)

However, commenting on the dress, some noted that though the colour was not to their taste, the design suited her.

One wrote: “ I like the design of the dress, but the colour is too much for me – it looks cute on her.”

Another said: “I looooove the fit of the dress, her body looks AWESOME!

“I do not like the bright red and the poofiness though.”

A third added: “The colour is a lot to take in, but the dress itself is otherwise not bad.”

There were some who could not stand the design though.

The bright red dress reminded people of the Tim Burton film

One particularly strong opinion stated: “I f***ing love neon and left to my own devices would dress so gaudily you could see me from space — but this picture literally, physically hurt my eyes.

“I had to turn my screen brightness all the way to minimum and I can still barely look right at it.”

Another wrote: “Haha! I saw this from the bride on the wedding praising page.

“The colour is blinding. Which is great, saves me from having to look at it.”

Another member pointed out that white dresses are not the cultural norm in all places.

Some pointed out that white is not the only culturally significant wedding dress colour

She wrote: “Oh look, the westerners are s***ing the bed about a non white dress again.”

Several people loved the dress.

One wrote: “I love it [heart eyes], I’d be loving it too if I were her because her boobs look incredible.”

Another said: “She looks cute in this dress. The colour is right for her.

“26 years ago I also got married in a red dress. It wasn’t a bright neon dress but I love the colour red.”

Overall, lots of the members of the 149,500 strong group decided that while the dresses lovely and fit the bride’s body stunningly – the colour was just too much.

One person summed it up writing: “That colour is vile. Sort of watermelon mixed with carnation red? No.”