Britain’s sexual habits revealed – are YOU guilty of any of these?

Couple having sex

REVEALED: Britain’s sexual habits are more surprising than you think (Pic: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

Whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship, sex plays a huge part in most people’s relationships.

But some might find it hard to open up about their favourite kinks behind closed doors.

So Pharmica has shared an exclusive study with Daily Star Online, revealing the UK’s top sexual habits.

So, are you guilty of any of these?

According to the online UK registered pharmacy these were the five most popular habits:

1. Public sex

Public sex is a huge thrill because of the “risk of getting caught”, but the places people choose may be surprising.

Swindon, followed by Chelmsford and Oxford ranked highest for “looking for the thrill of the outdoors”.

Cars were included in the list while 1.4% have done it in a workplace.

2. Sex toys

Oxford was ranked as the sex toy capital of the UK, followed by Crawley and Durham.

Traditional vibrators still come out on top as the most popular sex toy, according to 44%, while dildos were second and rabbit vibrators were third.

At least three-quarters of those surveyed said they preferred using their dildo at night and only 6% in the morning.

It’s no surprise that the bedroom was the most popular place to use a sex toy but living rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens were also ranked high.

The amount of time people used their sex toys varied with a third of people playing with them for 10 minutes, a quarter for 15 minutes and one in seven for half an hour.

3. Condom usage

The study found almost half of sexually active young people don’t use protection when they sleep with someone and 47% don’t use one when they have sex with a person for the first time.

More than one-third of individuals said they think carrying protection is a sign of promiscuity.

Middlesborough, Carlisle and Colchester are the top cities recorded to have the highest amount of unprotected sex.

Condoms protect againt pregnancy and offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases when used correctly.

The rate of sexually transmitted diseases spreading, for more information on condoms head to the NHS.

Couple using a condom

CONDOM: Some people use protection, while others don’t (Pic: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

4. Masturbation

Nearly all men admit to masturbating, in comparison to 88% of women who admit they do.

Women prefer to masturbate in the comfort of their own bed, while some have admitted to doing it in the shower.

Around 32% of women masturbate daily, but a surprising 14% of women admitted they have never tried it.

A woman self-pleasuring

MASTURBATION: Women won’t admit to self-pleasuring (Pic: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

5. Sexual partners

According to a survey, most men believe the “ideal” number of partners for women is around 7.

But around a quarter of the people surveyed said they had sex with 2-4 people in their lifetime and 14% have had sex with just one person.

As little as 2% were slightly more active having over 90 partners in their lifetime and a small amount have no idea what their “count” is.

Bournemouth came out on top with the most sexual partners, with London and Hemel Hempstead coming in second and third respectively.