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Doing this ONE simple thing can guarantee stronger orgasms

GETTY BUILD UP: This is the easiest way to have a stronger orgasm Some orgasms are earth-shattering. Others? Not so much. If you want to guarantee a strong orgasm every time there is one simple thing you can do – drink water. Yep, hydration is the key to stronger orgasms. This is because the average…

Doing this ONE thing will guarantee you have more sex this summer

IN A relationship? Here’s a fool-proof way to have more sex. GETTY TAKE A BREAK: A study has found that going on holiday can make you have more sex Whether you’re single or coupled up, dry spells can happen to everyone. But if you’re itching for a bit more action, there is a sure-fire way…

Naked attraction as Instagram model flashes everything in see-through dress

The Australian swimwear designer is known for teasing her fans with intimate selfies. However, Sahara Ray’s latest Instagram post has really taken it to new extremes. The blonde bombshell – who previously dated Justin Bieber – has posted a new picture for the first time in a week, and it was certainly worth the wait….

Where women really want to be touched during sex

GETTYHOT SPOT: There is a second G-spot that not many people know about Everybody has heard of the G-spot and the clitoris, but there is another erogenous zone which can help women reach multiple orgasms.The little known A-spot or AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone is a sensitive patch of tissue in the deepest part of…