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Doing this ONE simple thing can guarantee stronger orgasms

GETTY BUILD UP: This is the easiest way to have a stronger orgasm Some orgasms are earth-shattering. Others? Not so much. If you want to guarantee a strong orgasm every time there is one simple thing you can do – drink water. Yep, hydration is the key to stronger orgasms. This is because the average

Doing this ONE thing will guarantee you have more sex this summer

IN A relationship? Here’s a fool-proof way to have more sex. GETTY TAKE A BREAK: A study has found that going on holiday can make you have more sex Whether you’re single or coupled up, dry spells can happen to everyone. But if you’re itching for a bit more action, there is a sure-fire

Where women really want to be touched during sex

GETTYHOT SPOT: There is a second G-spot that not many people know about Everybody has heard of the G-spot and the clitoris, but there is another erogenous zone which can help women reach multiple orgasms.The little known A-spot or AFE (anterior fornix erogenous) zone is a sensitive patch of tissue in