Catherine Tyldesley weight loss: How did the Coronation Street actress shed 6st?

Last night Catherine Tyldesley revealed the result of her weight loss journey at the Pride of Britain Awards in London.

The Coronation Street  actress turned heads wearing a long lilac dress covered in leaves.

The mum-of-three joined the cast of Corrie in 2011 as the sassy character Eva Price.

Catherine opened up to her fans revealing she used to be an unhappy size 22 and 22st. In an interview in 2013 she revealed she gained a lot of weight as a teenager.

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss: How Corrie star shed 6st and dropped seven dress sizes (Pic: GETTY / ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE)

“I took control of my weight, and I slowly and steadily lost more than 5 stone”

Catherine Tyldesley

She told The Mirror: “I took control of my weight, and I slowly and steadily lost more than 5 stone.

“Along the way, I learned to understand just how important a healthy, balanced diet is. It sparked my huge interest in healthy living and nutrition.”

So, how did Catherine Tyldesley lose weight?

Catherine got herself down to a size 10 after taking control of her body, and being mindful of what she put into it.

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss: She showed off her toned body (Pic: GETTY)

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss Coronation Street Corrie how lose weight

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss: She started being more mindful of what she ate (Pic: GETTY)

She credits her impressive weight loss to cutting out junk food and taking up exercising.

Turning to her fans, she said the trick to weight loss is simply “remember portion control”, but still enjoy a little bit of what you fancy sometimes.

Despite already losing weight, she has recently undergone a 12-week Transformation challenge with Ultimate Performance North personal trainers. And the soap actress is now down to a size 8.

Taking to Instagram, she revealed: “This year I decided to challenge myself (I love to set goals) and do a ’12 week Transformation with @UP_north_pt. It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

“The knowledge I have gained for myself and my family is priceless. Yes it was hard, yes I had days when I wanted to throw in the towel… but I didn’t – and for that I am super proud of myself.”

She continued: “#UP have given me the skills to maximise gym and kitchen time to fit my busy schedule.

“I’m eating beautiful food – I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and my energy levels are so much better – in turn so are my hormones.”

She now weighs 10st, after introducing weight lifting into her fitness plan.

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss

Catherine Tyldesley weight loss: She has embarked on a 12 week challenge (Pic: ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE)

The 35-year-old revealed to UP Fitness: “Years ago, before Ultimate Performance, I would skip breakfast, and by lunchtime I would be really hungry, and I’d be reaching for more starchy food. A baguette or pasta etc.

“Whereas now, I eat every 3-4 hours and I get a bit grumpy if I don’t. As a mum with a toddler, that has been so much better for me.

“I feel a million times better eating in that way. Also, again, you’re not going to binge.”