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Cheating revenge: Mumsnet users reveal how they hit back at unfaithful husbands


CHEATING: One woman founder a younger, hotter man to get back at cheating ex

A recent study revealed that almost half (45%) of British men admit to straying from their significant other at least once.

And a whopping 21% of UK women have also had a sexual affair, according to the survey commissioned by Italian website

Common signs of cheating including suspicious phone activity, an increased sex drive and lying about their whereabouts.

One scorned woman took to Mumsnet to ask how others have got revenge on their cheating spouses.

She said: “Lets have one for the girls here, am sick of hearing about lying cheating blokes. Want to hear abut how we got our own back on them.”

One woman responded proudly saying: “I dumped him and got married to someone far better within a year, someone far younger than he was, too.”

While another said: “I once sent an email to every single one of his friends telling them that he had cheated on me. Stopped short of telling his parents.”

And a third said: “Well it was not revenge exactly but an old ex would not let me back to collect any of my belongings and I had been drying lots of valerian root in the airing cupboard.

“As it dries out, it emits a foul smell of rank socks and mutual friends told me that he had ‘really let himself go in the hygiene department’ since I had gone.”

But not all the stories of revenge ended well and one seriously backfired.

One Mumsnet user said: “Revenge is not always sweet. I know of a girl rather stupidly sent a photo of her giving her new boyfriend a b*** j** to her exBF (I guess to show what a good time she was having without him??). 

“The exBF just posted the photo to the girl’s parents.”

However, the majority of women said they would not seek revenge even if an ex had cheated on them.

“The best revenge on unsatisfactory partners is to move on and live happily without them,” one woman said.

Another said: “Most women don’t consider ‘revenge’ to be an appropriate response to cheating/betrayal. It all sounds a bit Jeremy Kyle to me.”

And a third added: “I cringed when I saw this thread title but on reading the responses am very cheered to see most of you would not consider acts of revenge.

“Why bother?”

So what should you do if your partner cheats on you?

Relationship coach and self-confidence expert Ben Edwards said: “Finding out that a partner has cheated is undoubtedly heart-breaking; often, this leaves us questioning our own self-worth, their loyalty and ultimately, what it is we should do next.

“This isn’t always simple; whilst we often presume that cheating is entirely black-and-white, warranting a clean break, our emotions and commitment to the relationship may make us more determined to work at this partnership.

“In either instance, it’s important to establish what it is you want, and how best to get there. Keeping your own best interests at heart is key to finding happiness following a revelation of cheating.”