Escorts told to ‘pack hand sanitiser’ if they’re booked during coronavirus pandemic

Escorts are still working during the coronavirus pandemic.

And worryingly, many of them don’t have adequate protection against Covid-19.

Some sex workers, who have to carry on trading to pay their bills, are having to make do with hand sanitiser and baby wipes.

One of these women spoke to Birmingham Live about her experiences.

She moved from London to the West Midlands as work dried up during the health crisis.

And to her surprise, the industry there is continuing to run as normal.

She said: “They keep saying on the news that Birmingham is becoming a hotspot but agencies still working just seem to have gone under the radar. People need to know.

“Quite a while ago now we closed down in London, and everybody stopped that I know of.

“But I came to Birmingham and a few friends I know said it was still open.

“I couldn’t believe it so I rang and they were ready to take me on their books as a girl.”

Escorts are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic

As the unnamed sex worker applied to join an agency, she wasn’t offered much protection.

Worryingly, the escort was encouraged to carry out numerous appointments in a single day.

She was also advised to “bring sanitiser and baby wipes” to “protect herself”.

The sex worker explained: “When I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to [work for them], I was told: ‘No worries, we’ve plenty of girls, loads of bookings and loads of girls still working.’

“It could kill people, it’s not a joke, when it comes down to it they treat their girls like that, I was horrified.”

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Instead of putting herself at risk, the escort decided to take her work online.

She’s now making money from webcamming and adult phone calls.

But unfortunately, many don’t have this as an option.

The sex worker added: “I’m a lot of out pocket, but it’s one of those things you have to do, it’s not worth risking your life for.

“It seemed like the agencies were really exploiting girls who need the money and there are a lot of desperate people who need money.

“Even if there’s a demand, if there’s no supply, the buck does stop with the agency.”