Fashion Nova baffles with EXTREME top: ‘You may as well be topless’

Fashion Nova is famous for its barely-there clothing items.

It has released crotchless trousers and bum-flashing shorts in recent months.

And now, the brand has caused a stir by releasing a cropped tracksuit top.

So would you be brave enough to wear it?

Fashion Nova’s In Disguise Lounge set retails for £38.

The tracksuit-like design would be pretty modest if it extended further down the body.

It is long-sleeved and high-necked, covering the shoulders.

But bizarrely, extreme cut of the trackie top leaves wearers’ breasts completely exposed.

Thankfully, the model in promotional pictures was styled with a white bra to protect her modesty.

When the retailer shared a picture online, it was mercilessly mocked.

One commenter said: “They really cropped that top.”

Another wrote: “You might as well go topless.”

A third asked: “What’s the point of the top if you aren’t covering anything?

“Just go without it.”

Despite the negativity, some said they were fans of the look.

One fashion fan even advised others how to replicate the outfit without breaking the bank.

They remarked: “Buy one for £15 and cut it yourself.”