Fashion Nova shoppers joke bikini is so tiny your ‘coochie won’t fit’ in it

Fashion Nova divided opinion by launching barely-there swimwear.

The online retailer’s Summer Flings bikini features a very high leg fit, which leaves little to the imagination.

Some love this cheeky trend, with shoppers branding it “beautiful”, “hot” and “cute”.

But others worry the tiny bikini bottoms would be uncomfortable on their intimate areas.

When Fashion Nova shared pictures of the design on Instagram, a commenter joked that her “cat” would struggle to fit into the briefs.

She wrote: “My cat could never”.

Shoppers don’t know what to make of this teeny bikini

The comment received 154 likes and many agreed that they’d struggle to cover their vaginas with the tiny strip of fabric.

A responder agreed: “Girl me either.”

And a second admitted: “That’s what I was thinking.”

Another remarked: “My coochie won’t fit.”

And a fourth commented: “She must have one coochie lip because like how?”

Some think the bikini bottoms are far too small

These criticisms don’t seem to have put shoppers off.

The swimwear has a five star rating on the Fashion Nova website.

One happy customer gushed: “My bathing suits were delivered on time and they look and feel amazing.”

Another wrote: “True to size. I can’t wait for vacation!”

And a third said: “Beautiful bikini.”

Opinions are mixed as some have raved about the design

If you’re brave enough to wear the bikini, you can snap it up online.

It retails for £38.99 and comes in a variety of different shades.

For a more classic look, you can snap up the black or white versions.

Alternatively, stand out from the crowd with a vibrant blue shade.

Or you can dabble with the naked swimwear trend by opting for the nude coloured two-piece.

So will you be splashing out?