Fashion Nova stuns with underboob-flashing top

Fashion Nova received a mixed response when it released an boob-exposing sweatshirt.

While some said the garment looked “amazing”, others said it was too racy to wear in public.

So what do you make of the quirky top?

Fashion Nova is selling its Hell Was Boring sweatshirt in black and red.

The clothing item retails for an affordable £11.49, which is probably because it isn’t made of much material.

Promotional pictures show the top is extremely cropped.

On the website, the model wears a sports bra underneath to prevent herself from flashing her breasts.

Instagram star Mathilde Tantot took things a step further by ditching her bra.

After the model boarded a plane in the garment, she exposed her underboobs to fellow passengers.

CROP TOP: This sweatshirt is extremely cropped, exposing the majority of the toros (Pic: FASHIONNOVA)

Even though the sweatshop would be too racy for many, some thought it looked great.

A picture of Mathilde in the top has racked up 77,600 likes on Instagram.

Many also took the time to leave a comment, with one responder writing: “Amazing.”

Another said: “Need this.”

A third added: “She is so freaking hot.”

fashion nova top

FLASHION: Some were fans of the flesh-flashing top, but others ripped into it (Pic: FASHIONNOVA)

Despite the positivity, others were confused by the clothing item.

A Instagram user asked: “Is that necessary, what about leaving something to the imagination?

“Long-sleeve but the breast is out.”

A second remarked: “What is the actual point of this? Do you want to be warm or cold?”

“You’re not on a beach FFS.”

Meanwhile, another insisted: “You might as well not have a shirt on.”

Others said the garment wouldn’t be very practical for everyday use.

A commenter joked: “My t*** would be on the floor.”

Another said: “Bro as soon as you lift your arms up to get something your t*** gonna fly out.”