Fast food fans ‘never eating pizza again’ after seeing Domino’s calorie content

Ever wondered how many calories are hiding in your favourite fast food items?

Researchers looked into which takeaway dishes are worst for our waistlines.

On BBC One’s The Truth About Takeaways, nutritionists analysed products from KFC, McDonald’s and Domino’s.

They also looked into some of Britain’s favourite treats, from kebabs to curry and fish & chips.

And viewers were stunned to discover that they were surpassing their daily calorie recommendations in one go.

Those who consume a large Domino’s stuffed crust pizza are taking in 1,984 calories, which is equivalent to what a woman needs to eat in an entire day.

Upon this discovery, BBC One viewers said they were put-off takeaways for life.

One commenter remarked: “About 5 minutes into that Truth About Takeaways programme and I already never want to eat a takeaway again.

“Like imagine scranning a full Domino’s pizza and being 2 calories off your recommend daily dose? Not for me hun.”

And another said: “Just watched “The truth about Takeaways” on @BBCNWT, really scary…

“You’ll never eat a pizza again, great programme!”

But it wasn’t just Domino’s that was put under the spotlight.

Food experts explained that other calorific choices include a chicken korma, rice and naan bread.

This takeaway choice could set you back 1,810 calories – and that’s not even taking starters and extras into consideration.

Curries were also found to have a high fat content.

Researchers found that servings could pack 83g of the stuff, which is quadruple the amount women should be having in a day.

Doner kebabs also came under the spotlight, as nutrition experts revealed they pack 1,100 calories and 60g of fat.

KFC snack box – 20g of fat and 475 calories

McDonald’s Big Mac and medium fries – 39g of fat and 780 calories

Fish and chips: 45g of fat and 927 calories

Doner kebab: 60g of fat and 1,100 calories

Chicken korma, rice and naan: 83g of fat and 1,810 calories

Large Domino’s stuffed crust pizza: 80g of fat and 1,984 calories

On the opposite end of the scale, KFC meals weren’t deemed to be as bad for you.

While a snack box contains a woman’s recommended daily intake of fat, it packs a less wince-worthy 475 calories.

And a McDonald’s Big Mac and medium fries shouldn’t push you too far towards your calorie guidelines.

This meal racks up 780 calories and 39g of fat.

It’s likely that these products are less in calories because they are smaller portion sizes.

Of all takeaway items analysed in the experiment, Indian ones had the highest fat content

While Dr Ian Davies noted that pizzas are the “worst” takeaways for us, this is likely to be because they are bigger in size.

And even though the KFC and McDonald’s meals were deemed the least bad for our waistlines, researchers don’t recommend eating these very often.

The BBC show looked at how fast food impacted 15 volunteers over the course of two weeks.

Participants binged on takeaways every day for a fortnight and saw negative impacts on their health as a result.

Scientists noted that volunteers started experiencing problems with sleep and energy levels.

The fat-filled diet also made the majority of trialists gain weight.

So while you don’t have to wave goodbye to your favourite treats, make sure you’re always enjoying them in moderation.