Five ways to perform a sexy striptease for your partner, according to sexperts

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom?

Apparently, performing a sexy striptease is a great way to send sparks flying.

On Channel 5’s new TV show – Good Girl’s Guide to Sex – sexperts said the foreplay helps to get you in the mood.

Love guru Annabelle Knight said: “A sexy strip tease is a great way to remind your partner of your sexuality.

“It also helps to raise levels of body confidence and has been shown to increase levels of intimacy between partners.”

Meanwhile, author and relationship expert Rebecca Dalkin added: “Striptease is a great way to build anticipation and arousal, which makes things more exciting before penetration.”

These five striptease tips could help to spice up your love life

So how do you go about performing a striptease for the first time?

Luckily for you, the experts were on hand to give some words of encouragement.

Here are five ways to set your partner’s pulse racing by performing a sensual dance.

1. Practice first

If you’re feeling nervous, work out a basic routine before stripping off.

Watching the sensuality of your body in the mirror can also help to build confidence.

Annabelle explained: “Stripping is all about confidence, so practice on your own first to build your confidence – preferably in front of a mirror.”

2. Dress up

Sexy lingerie can work wonders for your self-esteem.

Alternatively, dressing up could help you to channel a more dominant character.

Dressing up and putting on some sensual music helps to set the mood

3. Put on some music

It’s very difficult to perform a striptease when there’s no music on.

Picking the right tune sets the mood, so try to avoid anything that will be too distracting.

The sexpert added: “Music that arouses our eardrums also tickles our tactile senses and can enhance the feeling of touch.”

4. Eye contact is everything

To make your erotic dance as sexy as possible, look your partner directly in the eye.

This shows them that the kinky show is just for them – and it gives them a hint about what could take place after it.

5. Keep things slow and steady

To build the most anticipation before doing the deed, take things slow.

Annabelle suggests: “Ladies, remove your bra straps slowly and then show just a hint of your chest before removing any item of clothing.

“Stripping is a feast for the eyes with a striptease creating physical distance between you and your partner.

“It’s about taking up space and being sexy all by yourself.

“A striptease can be as long or short as you like. But when you’re new to stripping, even two minutes can feel like forever.

“Don’t think about the time, relax and enjoy the experience.”