Four words that will seduce someone instantly, according to Twitter users

Using dirty talk in the bedroom is a great way to spice up your sex life.

Having a naughty conversation with your other half can be a major turn on but in some cases it might get a bit awkward.

So if you’re trying to seduce someone instantly – why don’t you go on Twitter ?

An eye-opening thread has gone viral with the naughty hashtag #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords where people have shared the funniest memes.

For football lovers, the best way to seduce someone is by apparently saying “VAR has been scrapped”.

While a foodie might love it when an admirer might tell them “I’ll buy you food”, and popular bakery chain Greggs chimed in too with “Meet me at Greggs”.

Those who love social media stardom might be easily seduced when someone says to them “I have Twitter verification”.

Also under the same hashtag is a massive Friends fan who shared a photo of the iconic “Hey, fancy some cheesecake” moment in season 7.

A Twitter user who clearly relies on cab services too much thinks that “Your Uber has arrived” is a way to seduce them.

And a video game fan joked that “Let’s play COD together” is their favourite line.

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A Daily Star Online polled 5,300 ladies which revealed the words they found the most arousing under the sheets.

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