Game of Thrones Sansa on the Throne Theory

Everyone seems pretty convinced that Jon Snow and his aunt/lover Daenerys Targaryen will sit on the Iron Throne once Game of Thrones is over, and on the one hand, it makes sense. This is the “song of ice and fire,” after all.

On the other hand, Digital Spy just pointed to an amazing theory that has Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister pegged as Westeros’ eventual rulers—and said theory is completely rooted in history.

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As any true Game of Thrones fan knows, the show/books are based on the real-life War of the Roses between the Lancasters and Yorks, whose family feud resulted in the combining of their two houses, and gave rise to the Tudors. The similarities between this particular moment in English history and Game of Thrones are too real:

  1. Henry the VIII is a clear stand in for Robert Baratheon.
  2. His successor who died of potential poison is a clear stand-in for Joffrey.
  3. And his successor Queen Mary (AKA bloody Mary, lover of murder) is a clear stand-in for Cersei.
    1. So following this pattern, next in line is a stand-in for Elizabeth I, who shares many qualities with Sansa aside from the red hair. She was said to be wise, fair, and just. And if we’re honest, Sansa deserves this. No one has been through more that her, and she’s the only person in Westeros who’s actually good at leading (don’t @ us, Jon Snow has issues).

      Meanwhile, Tyrion comes into play because the War of the Roses was ended with the combining of two acrimonious houses—and the pair are still kinda-sorta-maybe married.

      Crazier things have happened on this show, just saying.

      H/T Digital Spy