GBBO fans go wild for the Technical Challenge sex position – here’s how to do it

With the Great British Bake Off competition heating up, viewers at home are also feeling the tension.

According to Ann Summers, these baking-themed sex positions are on the rise and some will promise new levels of pleasure.

We’ve heard a lot about the Even Bake and the Showstopper move, but there’s another one to test out.

It’s called the Technical Challenge and it’s all about getting into the groove of things and solving all your obstacles.

GBBO fans will love the Technical Challenge sex position

To master the position, simply sit down facing your partner and wrap your legs around their waist. When you’ve done this, allow them to enter you.

Then your partner should wrap one of their legs around your waist. If you’re in need of balance, make sure you use your hands, while your partner can remain stable with their elbows.

This position is a tricky one to master, but like anything technical, it’s well-worth the effort.

Couples who fancy taking this move to another level of pleasure can add a sex toy into the mix.

Switch to anal penetration by using a Moregasm+ Remote Control Egg , or insert into a female partner wearing a strap-on.

Couples can add a sex toy or lube into the mix too

This can promise whole new levels of pleasure and will certainly raise the roof off your own tent.

Adding lube can also heighten any sexual experience, whether solo, penetrative or oral.

Why not stick to the Bake Off theme and involve some flavours that are likely to be a hit on the show.

Salted Caramel , Cookie Dough or Red Velvet Cake lube will make you feel like you’re actually in the tent.

And finally, cock rings can add intense vibrations to help drive you both wild.

Ann Summers recommends the Rampant Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring to heighten sensations.