How to lose weight: Woman sheds nearly FIVE stone – here’s how she did it

At her heaviest, Demi Anderson weighed 15st 12lbs and wore a UK size 16.

The 23-year-old admits her weight gain came around when she turned 18 and began drinking.

She would go out every weekend, gorge on takeaways and buy whatever food she wanted.

But when she saw a picture of herself, Demi knew it was time to start her weight loss journey.

“I think there were a lot of contributing factors to my weight gain”

Demi Anderson

“I think there were a lot of contributing factors to my weight gain,” she said.

“Mostly after I turned 18 when I started to drink, I learned to drive and I started earning money.”

Demi added: “So, I would go on nights out every weekend, get takeaways and buy whatever food I wanted and whenever I wanted because I could drive.

“Plus, I didn’t exercise, I sat all day at my job and drove everywhere.”

Demi Anderson before and after her weight loss

WEIGHT LOSS: Demi Anderson before and after her transformation (Pic: XERCISE4LESS)

Demi Anderson after her weight loss journey

TRANSFORMATION: The 23-year-old dropped nearly 5st (Pic: XERCISE4LESS)

The customer service worker, from Bonnybridge, Scotland, claims her turning point was when she saw a photo of what she looked like.

Since then, she’s become a member of her local Xercise4Less gym and begun exercising.

Demi explained: “I chose Xercise4Less because I was nervous about going to the gym, I was inexperienced and was scared to look like a fool when trying to figure out how to lift weights. But the women’s only section helped me make my decision to just join.

“I was amazed how at ease I felt and even more amazed at how much I love it. In such a short space of time I feel like my body has changed and gotten stronger and more toned.

“My loose skin from my weight loss has tightened up and I never thought that it would. Plus, I lost even more weight and hit my goal weight.”

Demi Anderson before her weight loss transformation

WEIGHT: At her heaviest, she tipped the scales at 15st 12lbs (Pic: XERCISE4LESS)

Following her weight loss journey, Demi now weighs 11st and wears a UK size 10.

“My mum was very supportive and we both started our weight loss journey at that same time,” she continued.

“She helped me improve my cooking abilities and we both constantly encouraged each other.”

Demi concluded: “My next goal is to work on my arms and stomach.

“I want to be able to lift heavier weights and build muscle.”


Breakfast: Two large bowls of chocolate cereal

Lunch: Oven pizza and chips

Dinner: Takeaway and more oven food

Snacks: Chocolate, crisps, ice cream, biscuits, sandwiches and toast

Demi Anderson after her weight loss journey

FITNESS: Now she feels confident to use the weights at her gym (Pic: XERCISE4LESS)


Breakfast: Berries, fat free yoghurt and oats

Lunch: Pasta and homemade pasta sauce / salad with loads of chickpeas

Dinner: Homemade curries or stir fries

Snacks: Jelly, fruit, berries and vegetables