Instagram model drops jaws in tiny bikini as shoppers spot she’s wearing it wrong

A model was the talk of Instagram when she posed in a tiny bikini.

Tennessee Thresher looked gorgeous in the bright blue number – but that’s not the only reason why tongues were left wagging.

When Fashion Nova shared a snap of the bombshell online, people pointed out that her swimsuit was upside down.

The top comment on the post, which racked up 117 likes, asks: “Is the new trend not to wear the top correctly?”

Another responder remarked: “Trend or not, wearing the top upside down is a no from me.”

And a third added: “Why are girls wearing bathing suits upside down recently?”

Tennessee Thresher looked stunning in the bikini – even though she’s wearing it upside down

And a fourth questioned: “Is the top on upside down or something? Doesn’t look right.”

Other fashion fans worried Tennessee’s curves would spill out of the bikini if she went swimming.

One Instagram user wrote: “That top would not last a minute in the water.”

A second said: “They’re about to fall out the moment you lift your arms!”

And another joked: “When you wear your little sister’s bikini.”

The bikini looks very different on the Fashion Nova website

Even though some weren’t sold on the bikini trend, everyone agreed that Tennessee looks amazing in it.

A Fashion Nova shopper gushed: “Very pretty.”

Another said: “So beautiful.”

And a third added: “Now, that’s delicious!”

If you’re daring enough to wear the teeny swimwear, you can purchase one on the Fashion Nova website.

In promotional snaps, the Yacht Queen Bikini Set is worn the opposite way round to how Tennessee styled it.

It retails for £39 and comes in turquoise and white colours.

So what do you make of the bikini? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.