Junk food fan drops 10st naturally in one year – look at her now

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BIGGER BEFORE: Leanne Browbank’s weight crept up to 27st

Leanne Browbank had steadily gained weight since having her daughter Izzy, 13.

But when she found herself struggling to get round London, she resolved to get healthy.

The 32-year-old’s weight crept up to 27st thanks to feasting on a can of Coke, chocolate and crisps every night.

Leanne, from Linthorpe, says she would have previously “laughed at the thought” of joining a gym.

But after a trip to the capital with family, she was shocked as she could “barely walk” and went on to lose an incredible 10st in just over a year.

Leanne said: “I just knew I had to change something, this was in March last year and I said to my husband: ‘This is it, I’m going to start eating healthy and going out walking.’”

“He said: ‘Leanne we’ve heard it all before.’ But this time I did it.”

In a bid to shape up, the mum-of-one switched to a healthier diet and took up light exercise in the form of walking and swimming.

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FOOD FAN: Leanne used to feast on junk like chocolate and crisps

She lost around 5st, but was aware she needed an extra push, so got in touch with Mas Body Development.

Through boot camps, spinning, cardio and personal training from owner Mike Hind, she lost another 5st – including 3st in eight weeks during a recent challenge.

Leanne, who works as a children’s support worker, said: “I just love it, I go twice a day.

“I feel so good now, so different, I’ve got so much energy”

Leanne Browbank

“If you’d have said to me two years ago I’d be at a gym so often I’d have probably just laughed at you.

“I feel so good now, so different, I’ve got so much energy.

“And this sounds daft but it’s the little things, like I can paint my toenails.

“It’s such a change but I wouldn’t go back.”

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SUCCESS STORY: Leanne knew it was time to shape up when she could ‘barely walk’

Leanne said it was easy to slip into a comfortable life of over-eating and being content in her relationship led to weight gain.

She explained: “We were going on dates and having fun, and having children, you don’t realise.

“We actually went to New York to get married and after that went to Florida and I couldn’t go on any of the rides with my daughter.

“To be honest I felt like a terrible mam, I felt awful having to sit everything out.”

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SLIMMER: The mum has shed 10st naturally thanks to gruelling exercises

Now Leanne is looking forward to an upcoming holiday to Tenerife.

She said: “Izzy asked me if I’d go on the rides with her when we go away and this time I could say yes, which was fantastic.”

The newfound fitness fan paid tribute to her trainer Mike for giving her motivation and a tailored eating plan.

Leanne said: “It’s not even like a gym, it’s like a family and I couldn’t imagine not going.”

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MOTIVATION: Leanne has trainer Mike to thank for spurring her on

She added: “I don’t even really miss treats now, I’m so used to my healthy eating plan I want to keep it up.

“When I did the 3st challenge my Facebook went mad and I was really proud of myself.

“People ask me for tips and it was good to be able to help others as well.

“It just goes to show you don’t need surgery and fad diets.”

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