Katy Perry Has More Drama With the Nuns Whose Convent She Bought

Katy Perry’s legal nun drama is still chugging along. After Perry purchased the Order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary convent from the Los Angeles diocese in 2015, she’s been going head to head with the nuns who lived there. The women claimed that they had the right to sell the property and took the battle to court, where Perry won the right to buy the convent for $15 million.

Four years later and Sister Rita Callanan, the last surviving sister of the group, is speaking out again against the pop star in an interview with the New York Post.

“I really didn’t like Katy Perry. I’m sure she doesn’t like me,” Callanan said. She also explained how she’s now in a bitter fight with the Los Angeles diocese after her friend, Sister Catherine Holzman died in March 2018 during a court appearance over the property. Callanan claims that the priest who held Holzman’s funeral did not let her speak at the service and that the archdiocese has control over her bank account.

“Medical insurance, TV, her credit cards, there were always late charges, but she was too scared to speak about it. She had to borrow money from friends,” a friend of Callanan’s said. “She had to go to the Sister Christian Service Group to get bags of food. She had nothing in the pantry as she wasn’t getting enough money.”

Despite all the controversy surrounding Perry’s purchase of the convent, Perry eventually decided she no longer wanted the property, which is currently up for sale again for $25 million.

A representative for the archdiocese said, “While the formal legal option on the property has expired, the Archdiocese and Ms. Perry continue to be in communication concerning her continued interest in the property.”

Callanan, who’s now 81, has no plans on giving up, however.

“I intend to fight—but how long I can do that, I don’t know.”

Source: www.elle.com