Kim Kardashian called out Donald Trump very publicly

Kim Kardashian has publicly criticized Donald Trump over his handling of the Puerto Rico crisis in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Many people have been left without food, water, or medicine after vital supplies have failed to reach them. The crucial items have been left in shipping containers as the government struggles to find drivers to make the deliveries across the island.

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Kardashian responded to a tweet shared by Trump, which urged Puerto Ricans to ignore any “fake news” that they might have encountered while they struggle to survive on meagre emergency supplies. The reality TV star astutely observed that their minds might be on other things and urged the president to take action.

Kardashian isn’t the first celebrity to plead with Trump to do more to help the desperate situation. Last week, Rihanna shared a tweet aimed at the president, begging him not to “let your people die.”

The Category 4 storm hit the island on 20 September causing 16 deaths, although the death toll is expected to rise.