Man loses 14st in just 10 months – you won’t believe what he looks like now

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BEFORE: Jack tipped the scale at 34st

After spending his teens gorging on unhealthy food, Jack Towers weighed 34st when he was just 21 years old.

Now, the public health advisor has lost an incredible 14st in just 10 months after he changed his lifestyle habits.

Before Jack changed his ways, he would spend over £5000 on takeaways a year and would keep secret stashes of crisps and chocolate in his room.

how to lose weight fastMERCURY

AFTER: Jack has lost an incredible 14st

Jack decided to make a change when he had a diabetes warning from his doctor and after he had to leave a cinema date because he didn’t fit in his seat.

Determined to get his life back, Jack swapped treats for home cooking – but still enjoys a fry up for breakfast each morning.

He said: “I have struggled with my weight ever since I was a kid. I was always a really bad secret eater.

“I would hide in my room with full jars of chocolate spread and big bags of crisps and scoff the lot before my mum and dad came home from work.

“When I started working and got a car things just got worse. My eating completely spiralled out of control. I used my car as a place to stash cakes, chocolate, crisps and biscuits and I’d drive to McDonald’s and get food before going home for dinner.”

When the doctor told Jack he was becoming pre-diabetic, he made a joke with her that he would come back in six months and she wouldn’t recognise him – but what was a joke became a reality.

Jack, from Kent, explained: “I cook everything at home now and the weight has just dropped off. I’ve got so much more energy and confidence. I really feel like I’ve got my life back.”

He joined Slimming World in mid-January and has since slimmed down to 19st 10lbs.

As well as cutting out fatty foods, Jack stopped drinking alcohol and has slowly introduced exercise to his daily routine.

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THEN AND NOW: Jack joined Slimming World to help lose the weight

Jack’s diet before

Breakfast: Big bowl of Coco Pops with semi-skimmed milk and two mini Milky Ways

Snack: Jumbo sausage roll and five chocolate cupcakes

Lunch: Triple sausage, bacon and egg sandwich, a bag of crisps, three Mars bars

Snack: Large McDonald’s Big Tasty meal and a double cheeseburger

Dinner: Large fish and chips with onion rings and breaded garlic mushrooms

Snack: An entire trifle

Drink: 2 litres of Pepsi Max

Jack’s diet now

Breakfast: Fried egg, three grilled tomatoes, 4 slice of turkey bacon grilled, button mushrooms

Lunch: Spring onion and cucumber salad with one tablespoon of extra light mayonnaise and grilled Piri Piri chicken pieces

Snack: Jelly pot

Dinner: Grilled rump steak with all the fat removed with mushrooms, a grilled tomato, steamed asparagus and steamed broccoli

Drinks: 3 – 4 litres of water