Mariah Carey 2017: Singer eats Chinese takeaway off floor

However, Westlife’s Mark Feehily disagrees – and he’s got the story to prove it.

The Irish singer is making a comeback after asking to be Mimi’s Special Guest on her epic Christmas tour in December.

Now, the 37-year-old has given an insight into what being pals with the superstar is really like.

Despite advice being never meet your idols, Mark insists that being friends with Mariah isn’t a disappointment.


MIMI: Mariah is known for being a diva – which Mark disagrees with

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AGAINST ALL ODDS: The pair met back in 1999

He revealed that the last time he saw the blonde was at her gig in Wembley, and once the cover was over the pair headed to a friend’s apartment in Hackney.

Mark told The Sun: “We literally ordered a Chinese and sat on the floor eating our takeaway.

“So we were sitting on the floor, eating our Chinese and drinking champagne in a flat in London, discussing what was going on on the telly and having a laugh.


SPLIT: The lads parted ways five years ago

“We literally ordered a Chinese and sat on the floor eating our takeaway”

Mark Feehily

“Her super stretch white limo was parked outside the block of flats. Next to all the other cars!”

Mark explained that despite being “the biggest selling female superstar of all time”, Mariah is also very down to earth.

He also insisted that despite loving the fabulous things in life, the All I Want For Christmas Is You babe is always up for a bit of a laugh.

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FORMER BOYBAND STAR: Mark is ready to release his new material

The pair have been friends since meeting in 1999 when she recorded a duet with Westlife, Against All Odds.

Since the lads split five years ago, Mark has been keeping a relatively low profile.

However, he’s using his new opportunity to debut his new material.