McDonald’s nutrition: ‘Healthy’ menu item hides a surprising secret


FOOD FOR THOUGHT” Will these nutritional information change the way you order in McDonald’s?

Over the years, McDonald’s has incorporated more nutritious options into their menu.

And previously, diet experts claimed that ordering cleverly means you don’t have to cut out fast food completely.

So it may come as a surprise to find out that not all of their “healthy” food products are as good for you as they seem.

Fitness Instagram account, Gains, revealed that Maccy D’s fruit smoothies are worse for you than you may expect.

Staggeringly, their Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie with yoghurt contains 52g of sugar.

This is significantly more than adults’ recommended daily sugar intake of 30g. 

It also packs 250 calories, 58g of carbohydrates and 45mg of sodium.

For context, a McFlurry contains less of the sweet stuff, at 43g of sugar for a regular size.

Since Gains posted the comparison yesterday, their post has racked up 4,700 likes.

Many were surprised by the findings, commenting that they were going to stick to natural drinks.

One commenter advised: “If you’re going to a smoothie go somewhere where it will be healthy and fresh.”

Another joked: “I think I’m just going to eat McFlurry’s all the time then.”

Fast food addicts shouldn’t despair, as there’s no need to swerve it completely.

Previously, a nutritionist revealed what the healthiest items on the McDonald’s menu are.

Another food expert was adamant that the fast food chain’s Double Cheeseburger was great value for its nutrition content.