Mum’s 10st weight loss success after ditching healthy diet for high-fat foods

A mum opened up about her weight loss transformation after shedding an impressive 10st.

Stephanie Laska thought by following a healthy diet it was the way to go – but that wasn’t the case.

The 46-year-old did what she assumed was right by gorging on granola bars and fried fruit, as well as being active.

However, she tipped the scales at just over 21st which is when she decided to ditch her healthy diet in favour of high-fat keto foods.

Saying she was “totally in denial”, the mum-of-two told New York Post that she realised there was a problem when she couldn’t get a seat belt around her on a flight.

Then it became too much when her stomach prevented the safety bar – with her son – from closing down on a ride at Disneyland, leaving a “huge gap”.

The mum before and after her weight loss journey

She explained: “He [my son] had no protection at all, and I panicked, thinking this is rock bottom.

“It’s one thing to feel embarrassed about a seat belt, it’s another thing to feel like I put my child in danger.”

When she got home, she spoke to a formerly heavy friend who had lost a lot of weight by eating higher fat foods, moderate protein and low carb foods.

After some “extreme trial and error” in the kitchen, the mum lost 10lbs, then in the space of a year and a half, she dropped 10st.

She exercises quite regularly in order to lose weight

She added: “At the end of a long day, I used to eat two bags of popcorn or handfuls of trail mix.

“Now, I eat a giant bowl of salad or sweet potato boats. I’ll eat whole platters of twice-baked potatoes with no shame.”

Stephanie has maintained her weight loss for seven years thanks to what she calls a “dirty keto”.

She explained: “‘Dirty keto’ means breaking the rules. It means you’re more flexible.

“When I say ‘lazy keto,’ it’s a style of keto that means only counting net carbs.