Mumsnet AIBU: Devastated husband asks for sexless marriage advice

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Many couples worry that they are bonking less than the average person.

While it’s normal for libido to go up and down during relationships, it can be worrying when it dries up completely.

In a recent Mumsnet thread, a bloke asked for advice about his sexless marriage.

While some urged the bloke to leave his wife, others were adamant that the situation is totally normal.

So what do you think?

On the popular parenting forum, the anonymous chap revealed he has been “happily married for seven years”.

The dad-of-two added that the relationship was perfectly normal until they pair had kids.

He wrote: “I’ve turned to Mumsnet in desperation and need a a female perspective. I’m worried I’m being an insensitive husband.

“I need advice about how to approach a lack of intimacy and sex in our marriage since the birth of our first child.”

While the Mumsnet user said he was still madly in love with his wife, he confessed that the lack of intimacy was taking its toll on his relationship.

He continued:  “I still think she is beautiful and she still gets flowers and random gifts.

“I’ve re-arranged my work schedule to have a day off at home to help with childcare and home running.

“I feel awful saying this – but having sex 4/5 times in 5 years isn’t enough for me.

“The constant rejection, and then the constant holding back so I’m not ‘pestering’ is getting me down.

“I’m happy in every other aspect and she is an AMAZING mother.”

After outlining his problem, the husband asked: “Am I being unreasonable to want to have sex with my own wife?”

Hundreds of commenters responded to his question – and their opinions were very mixed.

Some reassured that the situation was bound to get better over time.

One explained: “I remember seeing a sex therapist on TV saying it takes two years to get things back to normal after a baby.”

Another agreed: “She isn’t going to give you what you want until she feels like her old self again. That can take a long time.”

While many advised the couple to talk through their issues, or consult a therapist, others worried that the marriage had broken down.

A commenter said: “Sounds like the marriage is over / she doesn’t love you anymore.”

Another wrote: “You are not being unreasonable to want intimacy, but it is very hard when the sex drives of a couple are mismatched.”

A third added: “Sexless marriages will make you both resentful.”

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