Mumsnet AIBU: Wedding guest BLASTED for ‘attention seeking’ outfit

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FROCK HORROR: Mumsnet users discussed this wedding guest fashion mistake

As far as wedding etiquette goes, most people know not to wear white to another person’s ceremony.

While some are relaxed about the fashion rule, it’s seen as a disrespectful move to many.

So when a woman admitted that a guest rocked up in the bridal shade, people were horrified.

So is there anything wrong with it?

The Mumsnet user wrote: “A guest’s plus one (someone I’d never met before) wore a white mini dress to my wedding.

“I laughed it off at the time (more focused on getting married!)

“But lots of people were a bit outraged on my behalf that she wore white.”

She then opened up the debate to others, asking: “Anyone got some more lovely tales of cheeky f****** trying to steal wedding thunder?”

Following the woman’s confession, many other Mumsnetters revealed that the same problems had arisen on their big days.

One said: “My best friend married a man with a step mother from hell.

“The step mother had shown us a nice, gold suit that she had planned to wear to the wedding – but actually showed up in a long, white gown not dissimilar to the bridal gown!

“We were shocked, but chose to ignore and not give her the attention she was seeking.”

Another recalled a similar experience, writing: “Went to a wedding recently where one woman wore a white trouser suit with a belly-baring white top.

“Add in lots of very attention-seeking behaviour, most of the guests thought she was a total fool.”

Following these awkward confessions, many Mumsnet users slammed wedding guests who dare to don the bridal hue.

One commenter insisted that those who wear white: “want to offend or have a desperate need for attention.”

Another agreed: “White & black – definitely colours not to be worn to a wedding.”

A third added: “Yep, it’s that bad to wear white.”

Despite this, not all responders saw anything wrong with wearing white.

One asked: “Is it that bad to wear white? For someone who isn’t part of the bridal party?

“It wasn’t a white gown… some people are easily outraged.”

Another agreed: “I don’t get the drama about wearing white.

“I bet most of the men wore white shirts, is that wrong too?”