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Orgasm races and three other secrets from Europe’s biggest swingers festival


FREEING: Swingfields lets hundreds of like minded people come together

Sex and debauchery are the best words to describe Europes biggest Swingers festival.

While Swingfields was cancelled this year after noise complaints from the previous two years, it will make a triumphant return in 2018 – much to the nation’s delight.

The festival will only get bigger, as 2015 saw 500 swingers descend on the grounds followed by 700 in 2016.

And while we’ve revealed the main details of Swingfields – here are four X-rated things that happen behind the scenes:

1. Orgasm races

During this event women pleasure themselves in the middle of a field in front of a crowd of spectators.

The aim of the game is to orgasm as fast as you can and the winner takes home a vibrator.

2. Sex happens on the dance floor

Like a regular music festival, music acts will play throughout – but at Swingfields sex is expected.

One spectator described being asked to hold someone’s pint while they joined a foursome happening in the middle of the allocated dancing area.

3. There’s a sex marquee

Adult lifestyle party company The Playgrounds set up a 30ft x 20ft marquee at the last Swingfields, full of “sensual beds, furnishings and ambient lighting”.

While many campers stick to their tents and camper vans, the marquee allows for a larger orgy.

4. There’s a fetish hut

If you like group sex with a bit of kink, then the fetish hut is for you. In here you can explore any of your fetishes from hot wax, to whipping and (consensual) torture.

If Swingfields sounds like your kind of thing, it will be back in 2018.