Paddy McGuinness: Christine McGuinness reveals she’s had an operation and a biopsy

Christine McGuinness concerned fans yesterday when she shared a snap of herself in a hospital bed.

In the snap, Christine lay in a hospital bed, wearing a gown with an oxygen mask on her face.

The pic sparked many fans to quickly share their well-wishes to Paddy McGuinness’ wife.

She has now given her following an update on her health.

Posting to her 29.6K followers, Christine wrote: “Thank you for your kind messages.

“I am feeling very well and ready to recover from a little op and a biopsy.

“I am awaiting results and some further tests, mostly precautionary.

“I am awaiting results and some further tests”

Christine McGuinness

“Sending love, Christine.”

The 30-year-old model’s words come after she told her fans to “stay strong” in her original post.

She penned: “Please hear me when I say ‘I am very well so please don’t worry.’

“I just had a little snooze, honestly it wasn’t long enough.

“But whilst I’m lay here, I’ll take a selfie and send a little reminder to stay strong.

“Live, laugh and love every day.

“Be kind always, you never know what people are dealing with behind their smile.”