Protein diet: How to lose weight and build muscle by eating THIS dairy product

WEIGHT LOSS: Eating more full-fat Greek yoghurt actually promotes weight loss (Pic: GETTY)

Protein is one of the most important nutrients because it is a component of every cell in the body.

Hair and nails are mostly made of protein and your body uses it to build and repair tissues.

High-protein diets have become big news in the fitness world in recent years – and with good reason.


DIET: Greek yogurt is also high in protein and a great source of calcium (Pic: GETTY)

Protein makes you feel fuller longer and help increase muscle mass.

Common sources of protein include meats such as chicken and beef, but there are some less obvious high-protein foods too.

Eating Greek yoghurt is a great way to increase your protein intake and help promote weight loss.

There is around 17-20g of protein in just 240g of yoghurt, depending on the brand.

This is about twice the amount of protein as a traditional yoghurt.

Full-fat Greek yoghurt contains conjugated linoleic acid, which promotes weight loss and fat burning in overweight and obese people, according to research that includes a large review of 18 studies.

The high-protein dairy product is also a great source of calcium and can help protect muscle mass during weight loss.

Snacking on Greek yoghurt also increases the release of the gut hormones GLP-1 and PYY, which reduce hunger and makes you feel fuller longer.

Trying adding berries and a dollop of honey to some Greek yoghurt as a snack or healthy breakfast option.

You can also use Greek yoghurt in savoury dishes in place of more fattening sour cream.

Nutritionist Franziska Spritzler also revealed Greek yoghurt is great for regulating your blood sugar levels – meaning it’s very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

How can I get more protein into my body?

One of the easiest ways to up your protein intake is to eat your protein first.

Protein increases the production of PYY, a gut hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied.

This means if you start with the protein-rich food you are likely to feel fuller quicker, which can help prevent overeating.

Protein also decreases the levels of hunger hormone ghrelin.