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CHEAP FASHION: Model Izzy Stickland gives us her verdict

Pep&Co will be available in 320 outlets by the end of the summer, with Poundland taking over stores previously used by M&S and BHS.

Sadly, the clothes don’t actually cost £1 but are still far lower in price than pretty much every high street store or online retailer.

But can Poundland fashion really deliver?

We roped in model Izzy Stickland, 19, from Caterham, Surrey to model five outfits and give us her verdict.

poundlandTIM MERRY


Jumpsuit, £10

Izzy says: “I like the print and it would look really good with a tan. The straps are adjustable, too, so that makes it easy to move the neckline higher or lower.”

“It is quite tight and I did struggle to get it over my bum, but that means it is fitted when it’s on and gives me a good shape.”

“But maybe it’s not one to wear if you are planning to eat a really big meal – there’s not loads of give in the waistband, so it could become uncomfortable.”

“Still, I think it looks good overall.”

poundland dressTIM MERRY


Dress, £5

Izzy says: “This is so floaty and comfortable and the quality feels good. I also really like the colours.”

“It looks far better on than it does on the hanger.”

“I think it would work for girls with big boobs like me as it flatters them, but the frill could also give smaller-chested girls the illusion of a bigger bust.”

“My only concern is the material is so thin. It might blow up with a gust of wind.”

poundlandTIM MERRY

TOP: £5. SHORTS: £12

Top, £5, shorts £12

Izzy says: “The shorts are far too baggy and just don’t fit well. And the stonewash colour is awful!”

“But I like the three buttons to do them up and also the embroidery. That’s about it!”

“The top is very comfortable and the frill would be useful to disguise a big tummy.”

“I think it is quite flattering on my boobs as well.”

poundlandTIM MERRY

TOP: £5. JEANS: £12

Top, £5, jeans, £14

Izzy says: “The jeans are definitely the worst thing I’ve tried on today.“

“They are such a weird fi t – gaping at the back because they are too big at the waist, but then so tight at the bottom I could barely get them over my calves. “

“They are actually really uncomfortable and I just could not wait to get them off.”

“And the cut off at the bottom is weird, too – the front is higher than the back. It looks like someone’s done a DIY job with a pair of scissors!”

poundlandTIM MERRY


Playsuit, £5

Izzy says: “I love, love, love this! In fact, I might go and buy it for my summer holiday.”

“It’s a bit thin and light but that is perfect for summer.”

“And the material is quite stretchy – meaning I don’t have to worry about how much I eat at the holiday buffet.”

“It really does look like it costs more than £5.”


Izzy’s overall verdict: I have to admit my expectations were low.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

While the jeans and shorts were badly fitting and felt uncomfortable, the other outfits were actually really nice.

If they avoid denim and stick to tops, playsuits and dresses, you’ll soon be seeing me down my local Poundland.

But I’m not sure I’ll be telling anyone where I got my outfit from!

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