Sex expert reveals top five sex tips for men


AVERAGE: Rex has slept with 15 times more women than most British men

The number of sexual partners someone will have in their life will vary from person to person. But in the UK the average number of sexual partners women will have is 4.3, while the average man will bed 6.6 women. 

Rex Wood is well above the national average. The 30-year-old has slept with more than 100 women and dated over 500 – so you could say he knows a thing or two about sex.

sex expert rex woodREX WOOD

EXPERT: Rex Wood (silhouetted) has slept with over 100 women

In conjunction with the release of his autobiography Sexcellence: The Sex Spreadsheet, Rex has revealed his top five sex tips exclusively to the Daily Star Online.

1. Pay attention

Rex advised: “It’s important to be flexible based on what your particular partner at that moment likes. Observe how she responds to the way you touch her.

“If it’s sex with a new partner then I would recommend starting off slowly with foreplay and then observing what turns her on more and use that to tease her and control her desire.

“If she likes it rough, start off slow then suddenly give it to her hard; if she likes it slow, then delay putting it in for as long as you can until she’s lusting for it.”

2. Mix it up

Variation is one of the key things that keep sex exciting in a long-term relationship.

Rex said: “Don’t be scared to try different positions and variations on the tried-and-tested favourites.

“You want to get to the point where on any given day she doesn’t know what you’re going to do in the bedroom. Surprise her. It doesn’t always have to be the bed or the floor – lift her up and make love on the sink.”

3. Make eye contact

Rex says this is a guaranteed turn-on for women.

He continued: “Look her in the eye when you make love. This turns a girl on massively and if you are focussed on having good sex then it helps keep your concentration.”

4. Always make her orgasm

Sex isn’t a one-sided thing. Ladies first definitely applies here.

Rex added: “It makes it a lot better when you make a woman orgasm. Not only is sex more enjoyable when it’s not one-sided but It leaves long-lasting memories with your partner.“

5. Keep it clean

As in keep your hygiene in check.

Rex said: “You wouldn’t imagine turning up for a date without grooming yourself but, believe it or not, the private parts sometime miss out on this extra care.”