Sex positions: Couples are LOVING the ‘X Marks The Spot’ position

As long as you know how to work with what you’ve got, size doesn’t matter.

A recent survey found that women aren’t actually as hung up on penis length as you may think.

Many ladies would rather that chaps are confident and giving in the sack.

And there are other ways to stimulate your lover if you don’t boast a massive manhood.

Experimenting with different positions is a great way to give your love life a boost.

Apparently, the “X Marks The Spot” move is a good position for men who aren’t very well endowed.

To carry out the move, the woman lies on her back with her legs crossed in the air.

As the name of the technique suggests, her partner should then stand up before penetrating her where “X marks the spot”.

It’s advisable to lie down on a higher surface than a bed, as this height can fall a little short.

Tables, desks and other furniture items may be preferable choices for couples.

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The adventurous position has been going down a treat with men and women.

Crossing the legs creates less room for penetration, which can make everything feel tighter down there.

Not only can this make sensations feel more intense, it also helps blokes to feel better endowed.

According to Bustle, “Crossing at the knees will make for a tighter sensation, which is great for partners with small penises”.

This isn’t the only move that is good for chaps who are self conscious about their todger size.

Here are five more positions that create the illusion of a bigger manhood:

1. Doggy style

It allows for the deepest penetration and means your hands are free to play with her too.

You can control the speed and pattern of your thrusts for maximum penetration and pleasure.

2. Elevated reverse cowgirl

This is just a simple variation of the classic reverse cowgirl which is a slightly tricky position that involves engaging all your core muscles.

To maximise penetration, place a pillow under your hips.

The extra elevation will make the experience feel deeper and more intense.

3. Splitting bamboo

This move is great because it allows you to use your partner’s leg as leverage.

Get your partner to lie on the floor with one leg extended straight.

Kneeling between her, he should then raise the other leg and rest it on his shoulder.

The pulling and pushing moment while thrusting should make you feel bigger and better.

4. Side cowgirl

Sit on the side of a couch and have your partner sit on you, but with her legs facing either right or left rather than straight ahead.

This will cause her hips to drop slightly more than in normal cowgirl and give you the extra penetration you’re looking for.

5. Pile driver

If you’re looking for the position with the most penetration, the pile driver is your best bet.

For this, have your partner lie on her back and pull her knees up to her chest and roll back so her hips lift off the floor.

Squat down with your knees, before bonking as slowly or passionately as you please.