Sex positions for women: Her most and least favourite bedroom moves revealed


KINKY: What do women really want in the bedroom?

It can be difficult to know which moves to pull out in the bedroom, especially if you’re in a new relationship to having sex with a new partner.

Apparently Doggy Style is the nation’s favourite sex position, but then half of the population is male.

So, which sex positions do women favour and which ones do they secretly hate?

There is one particular sex move she wishes you would stop doing, according to a recent Daily Star Online poll of more than 1,100 women.

A whopping 26% of women said they secretly hate Reverse Cowgirl because it’s “uncomfortable for everyone”.

While this might be fun for guys – because you get to ogle her booty – a lot of women don’t enjoy this awkward position.

For those who don’t know, this is the position where men lie on their backs and women straddle them backwards.

And despite Doggy Style being voted Britain’s favourite bedroom move last year, it came in as the second worst position for ladies.

When asked “which sex position is your least favourite”, 16% said Doggy, citing it as “too rough”.

Perhaps more importantly, what sex position do women love the most?


ON TOP: Cowgirl is women’s second favourite sex position, behind Missionary

Those who have been pulling out all the stops with crazy gymnastic moves are going to be peeved, because Missionary actually topped the list of favoured sex positions.

A survey by Skyn Condoms asked 2,827 women aged 18-34 “what’s your favourite position?” and 30% of ladies choose the standard position.

Following closely behind (pun intended) was Doggy Style with 27.5% of ladies saying it is their favourite move. Girl On Top claimed third place with 17.90%.