Sex positions: The Column move provides G-spot penetration

It’s important to make time for sex but if you struggle to find a spot in your day, there’s no need to worry.

Thanks to Ann Summers, there’s a new kinky sex position to try if you need a good quick romp.

Not only is it easy to master, The Column sex position is an ideal move for G-spot penetration.

And as it’s a hands-free position, it also gives your fella the chance to stimulate your nipples too.

How do you master the Column sex position?

It’s an ideal position to get down and dirty to, no matter where you are.

To get into this move, both you and your partner need to stand up, facing in the same direction.

Your partner’s chest should be in contact with your back before they enter you from behind.

Then arch your back and lean forward slightly to make sure he hits your G-spot.

The Column will leave your partner’s hands free for extra stimulation.

“The Column is a great position for quickie”

Laura Whittaker

Laura Whittaker, of Ann Summers, told Daily Star Online: “Modern life can be so busy that it’s almost impossible to set aside the time for a long session in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any sex at all!

“The Column is a great position for quickie, no matter where you are. With this standing position, you can get straight to it when you’re in a rush, without missing out on the pleasure.

“In this position, his hands will be free to stimulate your clitoris and nipples, making it an ideal time to include a vibrating toy.

“The Moregasm+ Rabbit Ears can provide stimulation and pleasure all over the body, helping make your quickie one to remember!”