Steamy sex position puts woman in control – and gives access to erogenous zones

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands – and we know that you do – here’s something that’ll keep you both busy.

Having sex is a really good way to let off some steam during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

So if you and your partner are getting some serious cabin fever, here’s a way to take your mind off things.

The Erotic End sex position is the perfect move to really mix it up in the sack this evening.

It puts the woman in control – and provide access to her erogenous zones for even more pleasure.

To master this technique the guy must sit on the floor with his legs stretched out comfortably in front of him.

Then the fella needs to lean back slightly using his arms to support his weight.

Once he’s all ready, the woman must have her back to him, then lower herself onto his body while straddling him.

Make sure the female has her knees bent and feet planted on the floor for support.

The sex position is fairly simple to conquer, but with the woman on top it might get difficult hitting the right spot.

However if her back is turned on him, the whole landscape changes and it’ll keep her control.

Not only does she control the situation, it lets the man kiss her neck while giving him access to her erogenous zones.

The Erotic End isn’t the most intimate position but its good to try when you both want to avoid morning breath.

Couple having sex
This sex position will certainly hit all the spots

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