Tattoo model to launch ‘sex’ app for body modification fans to hook up

An Instagram model has lifted the lid on her latest venture.

Aurore Pariente began her obsession with tattoos around four years ago.

In total, the model has inked 70% of her body after growing sick of being compared to Megan Fox.

Now to continue her love for ink, the influencer has announced her latest venture.

The bombshell, who boasts 1.6 million followers on Instagram, announced she’d like to create a sex app.

And it’s not just any app, it’s specifically for people with more than 20% of their bodies tattooed.

Would you ever join a dating app specifically for people with tattoos? Tell us below…

She teased the idea of her sex app on Instagram
She teased the idea of her sex app on Instagram

The model claims she wants to stop people discriminating against those with a lot of tattoos.

Aurore said: “One day, I received a message from one of my followers venting about a bad encounter with someone.

“She said that the suitor ended up leaving the meeting as soon as he saw her with her entire body tattooed.

“I was very sad about this situation, it must be very embarrassing.”

Aurore has covered 70% of her body in tattoos
Aurore has covered 70% of her body in tattoos

According to the model’s application, only people who have at least 20% of their body tattooed can register.

And you must send a photo of your entire body for approval.

Aurore continued: “It will be an extremely closed environment for tattooed people, to share the same interest.”

She recently spoke about her interest in creating a sex app in an Instagram post.

She's doing it because she doesn't wanted tattooed people to face discrimination
She’s doing it because she doesn’t wanted tattooed people to face discrimination

Luckily for the professional make-up artist, the idea has gone down well among her followers.

One fan said: “I would check out an app that was aimed at sexy tattooed people.”

In the past the influencer has been open about her love for body art.

She revealed: “I already thought about removing a tattoo in the beginning, but now I feel more free with them, I’m used to it.”