The truth behind Jesy Nelson and Chris Hughes mega PDA displays REVEALED

The good-lookig duo appear to be love’s young dream, as they have been sharing some seriously sentimental posts on Instagram.

And some of their social media PDA displays in particular have caught the attention of their fanbase.

Last month, the pair enjoyed a very raucous night out at prison-themed pub Alcotraz bar in London, and the pair shared floods of videos of themselves enjoying the evening.

In the clips, Jesy Nelson and Chris Hughes were trying to perfect their Southern drawls.

As the videos progressed, the pair seemed to get more tactile with each other and Chris gave Jesy a sweet nickname.

Turning to the Little Mix star, he said: “She’s my toothpick,” which seemed to go down well with the brunette bombshell.

They ended their stream of videos with the two of them in bed, with Chris racily biting Jesy’s shoulder.

Their latest PDA session on their Instagram stories this week saw Chris lick Jesy’s hand as they drove long in his car while blaring out N-Dubz tunes.

Jesy has never previously been quite so candid about sharing her romances on social media, so could this mean Chris Hughes is the one?

Body language expert Judi James has tried to demystify the pair’s amorous displays.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Judi said: “Jesy and Chris’s relationship seems to involve a cast of thousands as they’re sharing their intimate moments with all their fans and followers on social media. They both look good and – with their eyes glued to the camera – they clearly know it and there’s a hint of smugness and trophy behaviour about their obvious desire to show they’re living their best life.

“All Chris’s PDAs here are performed for the camera, leaving us guessing how hot or not he is when the thing is finally turned off. Chris is an experienced reality performer so the constant self-inflicted intrusion might not cause long-term rifts when one or both finally get fed up turning their romance into some kind of an on-going trailer but it would be good to see them switch off and focus solely on one another during this stage of their budding relationship.

“There’s more to any relationship than making a good-looking pairing for social media but these PDAs do suggest Jesy and Chris are currently as much in love with how they look together as they are with learning about one another’s personalities and growing a complimentary relationship ‘fit’.

“Declarations of love and discussions about their feelings for one another should probably be made carefully and privately at this stage but they appear desperately keen to bring the whole world into their moments and their discussions. Both have had some public splits in their dating profiles so this public ‘sharing’ behaviour could also be aimed at their exes, to show how wonderful their lives have turned out without them.”