Weight loss: Obese woman sheds 10st 10lbs after surgery by sticking to ketogenic diet

Melissa Jurado underwent weight loss surgery and shed half her bodyweight after being labelled “fat” in a heated argument.

At her heaviest, the mum-of-two reached 22st 2lbs and wore a UK dress size 26 after gorging on a whopping 4,000-calories a day.

The 34-year-old accountant admitted she would turn to food if she was bored, stressed, or sad and had a tendency to yo-yo diet.


WEIGHT LOSS: Melissa lost 10st 10lbs after gastric sleeve surgery

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EXCESS SKIN: The 34-year-old accountant had a huge slab of skin removed from her body

Melissa, from California, had anxiety about eating out and one day ended up having an argument with a loved one who called her fat, this is when she decided to make a drastic change. 

“I knew I was fat, but hearing it made it more of a reality for me,” said Melissa.

“I was sad and embarrassed; most of the time I didn’t feel like a fat person and many people tell me now that they didn’t see me as a fat person.”

“I didn’t want to live sad anymore; I wanted to be happy and healthy,” she added.

After turning her life around she shed 6st 6lbs by undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, where part of the stomach is removed so you can’t physically eat as much as before.

She said: “I lost six-stone six pounds with the gastric sleeve surgery; it was great but after being plateaued for six months, I knew it was not the answer to life-long success and I was still not happy with my body.”

But she then managed to shed a further 4st 4lbs through exercise and adopting a ketogenic diet – a low-carb, high-fat diet similar to Atkins.

“I changed over to healthy eating, dove into fitness and became a certified personal trainer,” said Melissa.

“I am proud of that because it came from pure hard work and dedication.”


HAPPY: Melissa now stick to the ketogenic diet and lifts weights six days a week

Melissa is now a slender 10st 10lbs and a UK size 8. She eats 1,700-calories a day and lifts weight six days a week.

The mum has shared a graphic photo of a giant piece of flesh she had removed from her body after the weight loss.

She said: “I love myself now; the self-discovery of the woman I am was such a blessing. I have these strong traits I carry now and I’m so proud of myself. I turned a life of sadness and trauma into triumph; a true testimony to living healthy and happy.”

Melissa also says recreating a good relationship with food and finding the right balance was the hardest part of the process but she is glad she kept going.

Her new weight and lifestyle is now the talk of all her family parties.

She said: “Some don’t recognise me and others are ecstatic for me. At family parties, my weight loss is always the topic of choice for the first part of it and I can see how proud everyone is for me.”

Source: dailystar.co.uk