Who is Patrizia Yangüela? The Swiss bombshell reveals how she keeps her body in shape


BOMBSHELL: Patrizia originally comes from Switzerland

The secret to Patrizia Yangüela’s large Instagram following is consistently posting fresh, original content.

The Swiss model told the Daily Star Online: “Your fans and the audience are always looking for new things. Be sexy! I want my fans to look at me and think I am sexy, but I also want them to be inspired by my story for getting the body I have worked for.”

The 31-year-old makes sure she always shows her audience new angles of her personality – through fun pictures, videos or behind-the-scenes footage.

patrizia instagram babeCOURTESY OF PATRIZIA YANGÜELA

BUSY BODY: Patrizia works hard for her body

The stunning fitness fanatic hasn’t always had the body she has today. In her early 20s, she was slightly overweight and so decided to change her lifestyle.

Part of this included creating an Instagram account to post her progress and keep her on track – but it soon became so popular it helped her launch her modelling career.

Patrizia moved to the US from her native Switzerland which she described as “like a fairytale” growing up. Her intention is to conquer the notoriously tough US market.

The blonde bombshell explained: “I love the United States, and getting involved in the American market is such a big deal and can open up so many doors around the world! If you want to make it everywhere, you have to dig deep into America.”

The model’s workout mainly consists of weightlifting. Here she describes her exact daily exercise regime:

– Warm up squat sessions 3 min
– 3 sets of squats every set a different weight
– 3 sets of leg press machine – different weight depending on the strength that day
– 3 sets of dead lifts same weight 
– 3 sets of walking lunges with weight approx. 10-16 kgs

Patrizia will have oatmeal, berries and a scoop of whey protein for breakfast, chicken or turkey breast with veggies and rice for lunch and sweet potatoes with steak or fish and veggies for dinner.

She also consumes large amounts of water and allows herself to indulge in an occasional treat. 

patrizia instagram babeCOURTESY OF PATRIZIA YANGÜELA

STUNNING: Patrizia first started her Instagram account to track her weight loss

Although Patrizia is happily married, she thinks the number one thing that makes a man attractive is a good sense of humour.

She added: “I think a guy should also be well cultured, educated and opened to learning about new things. Men who are spontaneous with an open mind are great!

“For me, life is too short for complicated relationships or drama, it’s best to enjoy what time we have with the ones we love who we can be ourselves around 100%.”

Patrizia has just launched a calendar for 2018, filled with sizzling new pictures for her fans.

She continued: “It’s my very first calendar and I wanted to shoot it in the United States, specifically Los Angeles, because LA is a place that has inspired me in many ways, and continues to motivate me.

“It is of course the men, for obvious reasons once it’s out, but I also hope that this calendar will be fun and sexy in women’s eyes as well! I’d love for this calendar to not just be pleasing to the eyes, but to also inspire everyone.”

Source: dailystar.co.uk