Woman bonks men from every political party – and lifts lid on who’s best in bed

Which political party performs best in the bedroom?

A woman who has slept with voters of parties Conservative, Labour, Brexit and Green has spilled the beans.

Millicent Binks, a writer and comedian, recalled sexual experiences with those of all political persuasions.

In a candid first person piece, she admitted to enjoying the kinkiness of Tories and free-spiritedness of Green Party voters.

She was less complimentary about Labour and Brexit Party voters, who didn’t seem to satisfy her in the sack.

Millicent was complimentary about Tory and Green Party lovers

Millicent explained why her Conservative ex impressed her in the bedroom.

She looked back on her time with a 31-year-old man she dated in the past, who is called Luca.

The writer admitted that the Tory chap was rather “old-fashioned” when it came to love – but thankfully, his gentlemanly side disappeared when they got down to business.

Millicent told Fabulous : “In bed, he was a lot less vanilla…

“Luca wasn’t into anything hardcore, but he did like having his nipples pinched.”

The sex writer says Conservatives can get kinky in the sack

The sex writer was also impressed when she bedded a Green Party voter.

She said that the environmentalists ware very “in touch with (their) inner animals”

Millicent recalled a romp with 30-year-old pub manager Lee – where his animalistic side definitely came out.

She confessed: “The best bit was that he just LOVED being naked…

“He was also very fond of his manhood, naming it — confidently but accurately — Thor.”

Millicent says her Green Party partner was very body confident

Next up was Labour supporters, who are described as “wonderfully liberal under the sheets”.

Millicent says this can make for comfortable and experiment sex, as voters tend to be “non-judgemental”.

Despite this, her tryst with a centre-leftist was far from exciting.

The comedian says her 38-year-old ex Yanis was far too considerate to get freaky.

She commented: “But, sometimes, Labour supporters can be a little too ‘PC’… I gave up on the dirty talk and decided to just make noises instead.”

Millicent didn’t enjoy her night of passion with a Brexit Party voter

Finally, Millicent spoke about her Brexit Party lover of Christmas past.

She passed a brutal verdict on 29-year-old Aaron, who she describes as “incredibly paranoid”.

While the writer enjoyed dominating her partner, she thought his love for porn was off-putting.

She also found his political views a bit of a turn off.

Millicent added: “Having this kind of power over him was quite sexy, but I couldn’t help feeling that this insecurity also fuelled his political views.”

Source: dailystar.co.uk