Woman has ‘no regrets’ about having sex with married gym owner during lockdown

An IT worker has lifted the lid on her sneaky affair with a married gym owner.

Claire, from Wilmslow, in Cheshire, claims she has “no regrets” about getting with a taken man.

The 36-year-old says she tried to stick to the coronavirus lockdown rules until she got “fed up”.

During the pandemic, she met Paul through the cheating dating site IllicitEncounters.com.

She said: “I had tried to stick to the rules during the early days of lockdown but I got fed up with being on my own in the evenings.

“Thankfully, I have still been working but the evenings really drag and I have been spending time flirting with guys online.”

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The couple went to hers to have sex after having a few drinks

Claire added: “One of the guys I met was Paul, who has stakes in a few of the gyms in the north west and is in his late 40s and married.

“Like me, he is really into keeping fit and we have been doing a few workouts together on Zoom to get to know each other.

“He was fun and suggested that we go for a walk as a way to get to know each other better.”

Then after a few drinks, one thing led to the other for the two.

She has no regrets getting with a married man
She has no regrets getting with a married man

She detailed: “We both bought some booze – I had my favourite vodka, lime and soda while he was on the wine.

“We both got drunk and ended up coming back to mine.

“We had sex twice and it was fun and neither of us had any regrets. It was nice to enjoy some intimacy after so long.”

Claire met Paul through the website specifically for married people and said she didn’t feel guilty about it.

She continued: “Paul has an open marriage and his wife also has discreet affairs.

“They are committed to each other but they both enjoy having sex with other people.

“Life is too short to stick with the same person for the rest of your life. We have arranged to meet up again but I doubt we’ll have sex.”

Claire started using IllicitEncounters when she was married, then continued to meet guys on the site after her separation.

Source: dailystar.co.uk