YouTuber sheds 3st in 18 months by exercising less and changing routine

A YouTube star admits she lost more weight when she spent less time at the gym.

Instead pushing herself through more exercise, Rita Kaminski decided to keep a better track of her portion sizes.

She made sure to eat smaller plates of food, tiding herself over until mealtime by grazing on fruit and drinking coffee.

The Sydney-based vlogger believes sticking to the same routine also contributed to her shedding the pounds.

She says the routine of waking up and eating at the same time every day was also very helpful.

The super-slimmer’s formula has clearly worked – as she’s lost an impressive three stone in 18 months.

The vlogger lost weight by exercising less

Rita never battled with her size during her childhood.

It wasn’t until she faced school exams that she noticed her weight creeping up.

In a YouTube video, she recalled: “As a kid I was always pretty thin and I never had a problem with my weight…

“When I first started gaining weight, I was just finishing my final exams.”

“I was really stressed and I gained about 2kg at that time.”

The YouTuber has never had an issue with her size

The 20-something vlogger added that meeting her boyfriend also contributed to her weight gain.

She explained: “Then I got into a relationship and gained three to five kilograms (six- 11lbs).

“When you get into a relationship you’re in a honeymoon phase and all you want to do is eat and cuddle.”

In a bid to banish the bulge, Rita started exercising with her boyfriend.

She added: “I started going to the gym but I kept eating as much so I didn’t lose weight.”

Rita kept track of her portion control

Despite her best efforts, the Aussie YouTuber “gained a crazy amount” when she broke her leg on her 21st birthday night out.

This caused her to reach her peak weight of 83kg (around 13st).

In response, Rita tried to fight harder in the gym.

She recalled: “In one year, I lost 3kg.”

“I was surprised I lost so little because I was training like an animal.”

It wasn’t until the slimmer got a full time job that her luck changed.

The beauty goes to the gym at least three times a week

The routine helped her to get into shape – even though she spent less time at the gym.

Rita said: “Learning to be in the real world completely transformed everything for me…

“What happened at my office job was I would be waking up at exactly the same time and eating at exactly the same time.

“That was one of the main things that really helped me.

“But the main point was I was in a calorific deficit… you need to be eating less than you move basically.”

Watching her portion sizes helped Rita to lose weight.

She explained: “I would have a big breakfast and two smaller meals later in the day.”

The influencer also snacks on fruit and drinks coffee to ward off the munchies.

She also toned up by hitting the gym three times a week – which is less than she used to.

HIIT routines, weights and cardio, have helped the vlogger to slim down.

Rita now shares her words of wisdom on her YouTube channel.

Fans appreciate her videos, with her 2020 weight loss clip racking up 178,000 views in just three weeks.