Zara shopper mortified after leather trousers ‘make her fart’ in public

A cringe-worthy fashion faux-pas has been shared by a Zara customer who bought a pair of leather pants only to find out they make a loud farting noise.

In a hilarious clip, TikTok user @julialennaaa shares the awkward sound effect and how she first became aware of it.

Talking directly to the camera with a serious face, she gives a solemn warning and says: “Please just keep watching if you shop at Zara.”

Julia, from New York, explains that she got the “very tight” chic trousers from Zara and was impressed enough with the style and fit that she decided to wear them for a special occasion.

The trousers look chic but can make a loud farting sound

“I went out to eat with my family in them and thank God it was just my family.

“On our way out my sister drops her phone and so I go out to pick it up and this happens…”

Demonstrating the embarrassing moment, she drops to the floor as a loud raspberry sound erupts from her pants.

She then repeats the stunts two more times and bursts out laughing.

Talking to the camera again, she says: “So, here’s a warning if you want to wear these pants, don’t bend down!”

Julia squats to the floor to demonstrate the fart noise
Julia squats to the floor to demonstrate the fart noise

Julia then squats down a final time for a noisy encore.

The footage was watched more than 3 million times since it was uploaded just two days ago and many people said it was the funniest thing they had watched on the video-sharing app.

One person commented: “I was expecting you to say they ripped but I was way off.”

“I’m getting these for my sister’s birthday,” joked another viewer.

A third said: “Imagine being on a date and that happened.”

Someone else who claims to own the same pair of Zara trousers said the same unfortunate thing happened when they were getting into their Uber.

Julia said her family got a kick out of the farting trousers so much they made her do the trick about 100 times until she got sore from the “full on workout”.